Poetry as Spiritual Practice

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Poetry as Spiritual Practice is designed to shift poetry from a pastime to a way of life. For experienced poets, it is an opportunity to deepen your spiritual life while improving your writing. For spiritual seekers, it offers poetry as an extension and expression of soulfulness. For everyone, it is a way to lead a richer, more creative, more playful life with language.

The course includes 12 90-minute online classes and 2 1-hour personal craft sessions. During the classes, you will learn the 5 Pillars of Poetic Practice, engage in guided writing exercises, read poetry “like a writer,” and develop a community of support around your writing and spiritual life.

This course is for anyone interested in how to live poetry as a spiritual lifestyle and to use writing to deepen or find their faith. Poetry as Spiritual Practice is open to all faith traditions and writers of all levels (including those who have never penned a poem before but wish to). All that’s required is a love for language and a desire to connect with the soul.